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Direct Distribution

Branding your products on a global scale has never been more accessible and straightforward.

Future of Television

Become a Star

Elevate your brand's visibility and reach stardom by effortlessly without the need for elaborate Hollywood productions. In today's digital age, all you require is your smartphone to create and promote your content on television screens worldwide through our network of partner channels. Within minutes, you can be featured on screens across the globe.

Get Seen

Instant Visibility

Gain instant visibility with just a click, showcasing your brands, products, businesses, music, movies, talents, and more to a worldwide audience across various business locations, rideshares, online platforms, and other participating venues.

Global Network


Showcase your brand on television screens in business locations, granting you and your brand the spotlight and recognition it truly deserves in the presence of real audiences, no matter where they are.


Stand out on television displays within rideshare vehicles and popup venues, affording your brand the acknowledgment and prominence it merits among genuine audiences, irrespective of their geographic location.


Amplify your content's reach by distributing it through our trusted Elite network, which may include influencers, celebrities, brands and more. Enabling a distribution pipeline to multiple businesses all at once through one channel.


Flexibility & Transparency

Thanks to our seamless platform, you can easily view your analytics, set your budget, pause, and resume, giving you full control over your marketing strategy. Our pricing structure is determined by our partners and varies for each channel. The rates are calculated on a per 15-second duration basis to provide flexibility and transparency to our users.

Create a Channel


Perfect for rideshare drivers, limousines, pop-up events, and more.


Ideal for storefronts, malls, suites, commercial indoor and outdoor spaces, and more. Businesses cannot be located at a private residence.


This channel is reserved for influencers and prominent public figure upon approval.

Start Earning

Passive income

Earn 50% commission on sponsored user-generated content on your channel. Whether you're a business owner, social media influencer, prominent public figure, or a rideshare driver, our platform offers a unique opportunity to diversify your income stream while retaining complete control over your own content.

There is no limit on earnings. For example, if you choose to set your rate at $0.04 / 15 seconds and your channel plays 8 hours of sponsored user-generated content each day for 30 days, you will earn a total of $1,152 for that period.

Equipment Requirements


A newer-model Android tablet at minimum.


Requires a physical commercial location.

Equipment Requirements: Partners are encouraged to utilize their own equipment for streaming. To ensure optimal performance and compatibility, we recommend selecting from our first options, including a Chromebox, a mini-PC, a Mac Mini, or a computer of your choice connected via HDMI or DisplayPort. These options are preferred for a seamless streaming experience.

´╗┐Alternatively, you may opt for a newer-model smart TV with an internet browser, ideally supporting browsers such as Amazon Silk or Chrome.

Please be aware that relying solely on your TV's hardware may impact long-term performance, so it's advisable to consider our first option for a more robust streaming experience.

Should you prefer to have us provide you with a dedicated device, please feel free to reach out to our sales team at support@Xvoox.tv for further assistance.

What's Included

Your Own Xvoox TV Channel

Instantly create food menu & more

Digital Billboard

Realtime Updates

Unlimited Scheduling

Unlimited Screens

Unlock the power of Instant Menu. This remarkable feature empowers you to effortlessly craft stunning, real-time menus for your business, complete with video backgrounds, with or without sound, and unlimited 24-hour scheduling. Seamlessly manage your entire menu, whether it's displayed on a single screen or across multiple locations, using our user-friendly auto templates.

Experience the convenience of instant updates; any changes you make will promptly reflect on all your screens, regardless of their locations. Harness the potential of Instant Menu to create informative advertisements for your offices, shops, or to showcase your special lunch and dinner offerings in restaurants. The possibilities are limitless, with unlimited ways to utilize Instant Menu.


Your own Xvoox TV channel is FREE with unlimited concurrent usage. Other services have concurrent usage, which means if you have 20 digital billboard or instant menu screens but only need to stream 2 screens simultaneously, you'll only pay for those 2 concurrent streams. $12.50/Month per concurrent usage.

Partnership & Investment opportunity

We are actively seeking both experienced and inexperienced partners, ambassadors and investors who are interested in collaborating with us, whether it involves partnering with your brand, likeness, or utilizing liquid assets as investments. With the support of our early investors and a carefully crafted strategic plan, we have ambitious revenue targets, aiming to surpass 1 billion dollars in the next few years as we expand our global network. We also offer flexible options for revenue sharing with our ambassadors and investors.

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